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MJ’s Does Garage
February 17, 2018
4:55 pm
MJ's Bar & Venue
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MJ’s Does Garage

Saturday 17th February!!

Live Performance From Sweet Female Attitude – FT Leanne!!

Flowers was and is still one of the most biggest garage tracks to have ever graced the UK garage scene.

In April 2000 ‘Flowers’ made it to number two in the UK national charts and became one of the biggest anthems in clubland and radios stations all over. It was the 37th biggest selling single of that year! (300,000 copies) and made it onto numerous compilation albums and is still, even 12 years on, which proves this a hit not to be forgotten!

12 years on ‘FLOWERS’ is still one of the most requested garage tracks on radio and in clubland. The girls are still doing pa’s and have been, since the track was released 12 years ago which undeniably shows it is STILL one of the most POPULAR,LOVED and requested old Skool garage p.a’s of its time!